What to say when texting girls

Writing-a-text-message-007Most men normally find it difficult to seduce girls, although it is not easy to know it because they don't normally come back to tell the story. The problem could be on the fact that sometimes it becomes difficult for you to verbally express yourself and so it is easier to text that to physically present yourself there and say something. Here are tips on what to say when texting girls:

  1. Introduce yourself to the lady especially if your sure she might not recognize you very well It is generally advisable that you introduce yourself wherever you send any message to anybody. You should not just assume that she knows you Be polite in your introduction because this will be bringing out who you actually are Describe yourself well plus where, probably, you might have met. Make sure she has all the details of your physical look- jog her memory.
  2. Try seeking to know how her day was Even though it is certain that you will not know about her day before putting your message across, her attention will be paid to the fact that someone is caring and would want to know much about how good or frustration her day was
  3. State why you have chosen to text her rather than make a call. Do not appear to be coward as you do this and also do not be so serious, try to be a bit funny because ladies like things which cause them to laugh or smile. Say things "I wanted to confirm whether or not you are free before I make a call and may be if you are busy I can book an appointment for a later date." "I just first wanted to confirm if this number I was given by a friend is actually yours, please confirm for there is something I need to share with you."
  4. Do not say everything you want through the text at once. Produce your points on an 'installment' basis. Let it be a conversation where you are able to hear her thoughts too. Use the words like, "Kindly confirm receipt", kindly reply." It is good to use kind words. When you realize she is not answering then you will have to pause a bit before you proceed with sending more texts because sometimes she might be busy somewhere or could have just decided to ignore you
  5. Close the conversation with soft kind words which will make her think about what kind of a person you are Even if she did not treat you well during that texting conversation, it does not mean that she did not agree with everything you were saying! Just let you closing remarks show that you are a good and a humble man.