Texting vs Calling-rightly approaching girls met recently

message_first_date4027Most of the guys are unsure about sending a text or calling a girl whom they met recently because there is always that dilemma in the mind regarding what the girl will prefer.

Any guy who is looking to approach a girl whom he met recently should be able to rightly remember and recall all possible facts about the girl. Facts such as how often did she use her phone? or how often did her phone beep?, because this helps the guy to know about the girl's behavior regarding use of phone. And if the girl's phone beep's often or if she takes her phone out usually, then we can assume that the girl is a phone-lover and spends maximum time on her phone. In such a case, the guy does not have to worry about waiting long for a reply from the girl and should definitely text the girl.

I would prefer guys sending text to girls they have recently met, because this medium of communication helps to avoid moments which make a guy less interesting. Communicating with a girl whom you have just met, needs you to initially know more about the girl and in reciprocity make the girl know more about you

Calling a recently met girl leads a guy to moments where he is not sure about what should he probably talk about, and while calling a guys does not get the leisure of time There has to be an instant reply and in such situations the chances of making a mistake are very high as compared to sending a text. Text messaging provides the guy some time to think which increases the chance of him impressing the girl more

Text messaging helps to build the excitement and curiosity for both the guy and girl in the starting phase which is very important for the relationship to be exciting. For an example- a guy texts a girl- How about we meet for a coffee tomorrow? Now the girl, has enough time to think about it and make the right decision rather than replying abruptly. At the same time the guy is left in anticipation of an affirmative reply which builds the excitement. But if the guy would have called and asked the same thing, the communication is less exciting and more abrupt which generally leads to the girl making some blunt reason and denying.

In my view, to forge a relationship with a recently met girl a guy should initially text the girl and know more about her As the girl gets used to talking to the guy, the possibility of the girl getting negative perceptions about the guy go down. But in the initial phase there are very high chances of the girl looking at the activities of the guy negatively.

Therefore, to avoid awkward silent moments during a call and to quickly know about each other a guy should text a girl he recently met.