How to text women you just met-3 day rule of text messages

Writing-text-messageYou're sitting at the bar, sipping on your martini (shaken not stirred), taking a deep relaxing breath after a long day at work. As you loosen your tie you look to your right and you spot her Eye contact is made, smiles are exchanged, and across the bar flirtation begins. You buy her a drink and 5 minutes later she is sitting next to you You engage in great conversation and it seems like she's really into you.

A few drinks later and she is on her way out the door and you have her phone number in your phone (of course she grabbed your phone and put her number in there herself.) So, now what ? People don't make phone calls anymore, our world is ruled by text messages and emails. How long do you wait to send a text and what do you say to a woman you just met over a text message without deleting it 16 times before hitting the send button? Here are a few tips and tricks for texting that woman you just met:

  1. Throw the idea of the "3 Day Rule" right out the window. Thanks to Vince Vaughn and the movie "Swingers" men have been using this tactic for years now first, it was NEVER a good idea. The only reason that men have gotten away with it for so long is because women just got used to the "rule." However, as communication changes and dating revolves around technology now is the time to throw those silly old rules out and rewrite the dating handbook. Half way through the workday sends a funny, light-hearted text. Something like "maybe I should have waited for that after work drink until today." How fast she responds is not necessarily reflective of her feelings towards you as she IS at work. But, when she does respond, there is always a chance she'll respond with "me too, meet you there at 6." You win.
  2. But what if she texts me first? This is actually the preferable thing. Why, you ask? Well, because it relieves you of all pressure. She is in charge of starting a conversation that will keep you interested long enough to kill some time at work. Also, it shows you that she was thinking about you too. You weren't the only one at work wondering if they should text or not No matter what she texts you, pretend that it is the night before and she is sitting next to you and she asks you that question. When you text back, answer the question as if you would answer it if she was sitting right in front of you. Don't be shy. Be yourself. She is already interested in you, you already took care of the hard work. Now, sit back and reap the rewards of being awesome.
  3. Avoid the emoji and "text lingo" curse. Unless you're texting Kevin Hart or you are Kevin Hart, not everything she writes OR you write is funny; therefore, "LOL" doesn't belong in every single text message. A randomly inserted LOL makes a girl smile as you have recognized her wit; 25 LOL's and she just rolls her eyes at your inability to write something slightly more substantial. Also, watch out for the 🙂 😛 and :). Though those all make a girl smile, too many of them places you directly into the friend zone.

Follow these 3 simple tips and you will find yourself closing in on date 2 in no time at all