How to attract women with texting-The Art of Texting

textingEvery girl has laid in bed before waiting for that text message to come from their one true love. When it finally arrives in the inbox, the expectations are so high. Did he enjoy our date? Is he going to ask me out on another one? The emotions run high when waiting for these text messages. When you're going to take the plunge and send your lady a text, make it worth her while with these few tips.

Number one:  Greet her in a way that seems like you want to talk to her. A "Hey, what's up" is the perfect way to start the conversation while making it seem like you are intrigued.

Number two: Flatter her from the beginning. No, do not go off about how she is the most beautiful person you have ever laid eyes on and you want to marry her. Just begin with something settle like, "You looked really great last night at the bar." A phrase like this will let her know that you are definitely interested and that a connection is forming between the two of you.

Number three: do not keep the conversation going just to text her. Keep her on the edge. Don't continue to text her words like "so" or "well" just so that you can keep texting. People have lives, jobs, and responsibilities, and do not have time to just sit around and text on their phone 24/7. You want to attract the woman, not scare her away because you are being a nuisance. Number four: end the conversation on a good note. Do not just say "okay bye." Make yourself seem interesting! "I'm really looking forward to seeing you Saturday night" or "Good luck on your finals, I'll be thinking of you."

This will make your lover want it to be Saturday night already. The overall key is to make sure you sound interested in her but at the same time not desperate. Do not come off as the weirdo that lives in his mom's basement and cannot find a date. Come off as the well- educated businessman who would like to go out and have drinks with you. It is all about the representation of you. I understand that texting is a form of art these days, and can make or break a relationship. You have to find the happy medium of selling yourself even if you are behind technology.

If a girl if questionable about her date just because of how he texted her, then she will not give him a chance when the real date comes. You have to show yourself in those few little messages in order to get the girl in the end. Now that you have gotten your woman's number, take these steps and hints in order to secure that date and make yourself seem like the great person and date that you are!.

If a woman gives you her phone number it means that she wants to get in touch with you You don't have to find all the perfect words every time, just keep it playful and lighthearted. Making a girl smile when she sees your text is the key to how to make her feel attracted to you

Your first text is often the most important text. Her initial impression about you will depend a lot on that text. And if it sucks, it's probably game over for you. Let's take a look at few things that can help you attract a woman.

  1. Always keep the texts sweet, meaningful and short. You can remember it this way - SMS. Don't over complicate things and don't make it too plain. Type short messages, that way you'd be less predictable and she would be eager to know what's coming next. Make yourself look childish or innocent at times but don't make it look immature.
  2. Don't give in too easily. Take your time to reply to her texts. This will not only help you to reply with meaningful texts but also make her miss you
  3. Tease her time to time Make fun of her and at times. This will show that you're not a suck-up and that you're confident with women. A poke directed in a playful manner might just make her laugh.
  4. Use emoticons wisely. No matter how playful you are, it's always difficult to convey that playfulness trough text. So use emoticons to mean what you feel about that particular reply. Learn the difference between the emoticons. The difference between "I went to a party last night. a" and "I went to a party last night. :)" is quite a lot.
  5. Share your funny stories if there's any tell her stories that are funny and keep an eye on how she replies to them. If her replies are positive and intended to be fun she likes your stories. If it is otherwise, try skipping your story and start talking about something else. You may ask her about share one or two stories of her
  6. Pay attention to the small details. Read her texts carefully and remember the little things in it She will definitely appreciate if you can carry on with the tiny details when they come up later.
  7. Time management is important. If she has given you her number you probably have an idea about her workplace or studies. Never text when it's difficult for her to reply. Avoid texting during her work or class, there's every possibility that she wouldn't like it But you can leave a message asking her to get back to you whenever she's free. And if she finds you important she will get back to you.
  8. Role play can be a doorway to new and exciting things. It takes time to get to the stage where you can role play with her. Whether it's pretending to be a boyfriend and girlfriend headed toward breakup or a guy helping a new girl settle in a college - bantering through made-up role play is fun. There are little things that can make her smile or giggle too. Like after a hectic day she says she's tired, you can ask her if she needs a hug. And you can type in something like "A tight her for the beautiful girl." if she says yes. This is a very bold initiative which will make her think you're confident enough around women. But don't you ever take this fast. Start with grabbing hands, then perhaps hugs, kiss on the cheeks and then lips. There's no reason be gung-ho with her Take it as slow as you can. Going fast in this stage will only make her think you're a pervert.
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Make her come to you. Like I said, don't give in too easily. Don't be desperate and try not to show that you're giving too much of an effort. You can joke about how the two of you will never be right person for each other. Pushing away like this will definitely create a space for the girl to chase you

After talking to her for few days you'd get to know if she's open to people or not Most girls live within a shell of decency, especially when talking to just-an-acquaintance. Either you can get into that shell and be decent with her the whole time or slowly you can bring her out of her shell and make yourself her comfort zone.